Gold Line is Canada's largest provider of prepaid long distance calling cards, serving 70% of the market, and currently issuing over 300 million long distance minutes per month. Gold Line's top position in this market largely stems from its commitment to provide every consumer with high quality communications, low cost products, and outstanding customer service.

3 main categories of phone cards:

- Prepaid Phone Cards
- Private Label Phone Cards
- Promotional Phone Cards

Prepaid Phone Cards

Gold Line's prepaid phone card product line consists of many different cards. The term prepaid means that long distance minutes are purchased ahead of time, and used afterwards. You purchase your long distance phone card with a set number of minutes, and then use those minutes as you please after your purchase.

Gold Line's prepaid phone cards are sold in various dollar amounts - $5, $10, $20, and so on. Each prepaid phone card is equipped with a particular number of long distance minutes according to the card's dollar denomination.

Each prepaid phone card in the product line has its own unique advantages and features. Gold Line has designed and implemented numerous cards in order to cater to the diverse communication needs of consumers. Certain cards focus on long distance calling to particular countries (offering the cheapest rates to those specific locations), other cards focus on the volume of calls made, and so on. You have the liberty of choosing the card which best suits your needs.

Our prepaid phone cards have a very competitive flat-rate-per-minute structure (which will vary according to the place you’re calling), convenience, and reliable service.

Private Label Phone Cards

Private label phone cards give companies the opportunity to brand their very own prepaid long distance cards. These customized company phone cards serve as an excellent tool to market your business, at the same time providing your company with an additional revenue stream.

Our private label phone cards give companies the opportunity to benefit from a high rate of return from their clients by capitalizing on Gold Line's extensive knowledge and experience within the phone card industry.

Your unique private label (branded) phone cards can be marketed and distributed in numerous retail outlets according to your goals and objectives. Gold Line serves as your back-end design and implementation team, leaving you to enjoy the profits your phone cards bring.

Gold Line will provide you with the necessary services from the initial concept right through to retail execution. Advantages and in-house resources you will be provided with include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional and talented graphic designers
  • Website design and development
  • Market experts for rate development
  • Print and finishing facility for all cards and merchandising materials
  • Warehousing, packaging, and fulfillment services
  • Switching facilities, dedicated T1s & direct routes to over 100 countries worldwide
  • Telephony application software design, development & maintenance
  • Customizable accounting programs & auditing report development and generation
  • Multilingual and customizable customer service call station

Private label phone cards serve as an excellent tool to achieve brand recognition and added market exposure, at the same time giving your company the opportunity to earn money in an alternative industry and aggressively promote your business.

Promotional Phone Cards

Promotional phone cards are an original and cost-effective way to reward your customers, gain repeat business, and communicate with your target market. These cards are professionally designed according to your specifications and each is equipped with a certain number of prepaid long distance minutes. You may then distribute your promotional cards any way you wish.

Consumers always enjoy promotions and free giveaways, and will therefore be more inclined to give you their business in the future. Promotional phone cards will also further brand your business by including your company name, logo, and unique message in the design. Promotional phone cards can be employed as an integral part of your marketing mix.

Not only are promotional phone cards a long distance, cost saving service for your valued customers, but by integrating enhanced card-based features such as entertaining and rewarding customer experiences, your cards will act as a key gateway to a wide range of marketing opportunities for your company:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Promotions, contests & sweepstakes
  • Consumer sampling with purchase programs
  • Marketer to consumer online research and surveys
  • Marketer to consumer product & service information dissemination
  • Consumer profiling & data capture
  • Coupons & discount vouchers
  • Partnered cross promotion
  • Fundraising

By capitalizing on Gold Line’s knowledge and experience within the phone card industry, your company can set itself apart from the competition with a very unique and attractive promotional material for its customers.

Gold Line takes pride in its accomplishment as Canada’s leading provider of long distance phone cards, and greatly values its reputation. By always putting its customers first, Gold Line strives to keep its top position in the years ahead.

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