GLVoiceTrade service

The Group of Gold Line GLVoiceTrade Service offers a wide number of end-to-end communication solutions to help customers extend their network access across the globe.

What is GLVoiceTrade service

As part of the Group of Gold Line, we have the benefit of being Canada’s largest prepaid long distance company with over 300 million minutes of long distance calling per month, wholesale and retail. GL offers great capabilities to terminate worldwide traffic anywhere in the world with the highest quality at very reasonable prices. GL caters to the needs of small to large businesses. We also can offer “Direct Inward Dialing” (DID) for various countries.

GLVoiceTrade at a glance

  • Buying power of a large company with the flexibility of an entrepreneurial enterprise.
  • No red tape. Just the opportunity to buy from a reputable company in a quick and easy way.
  • Business relationships with niche carriers around the world.
  • Direct capacities to some of the highest volume destinations.
  • CLI routing options.
  • Same day set up time routing traffic.
  • Back up routing for most destinations.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Accurate billing.

Why choose our GLVoiceTrade service?

Catering to the needs of small to large carriers, it bridges the gap on the need for competitive rates while still keeping track of quality requirements.
GL can provide a wide range of wholesale services tailored to the client’s business needs to help them grow their market and deliver value to their end customers.

GLVoiceTrade Service is managed by experienced and professional Account Managers within the Carrier Services group.

Hassle free, reliable and tailored to meet any carrier’s needs; GL’s VoiceTrade Service is the alternative gateway to the world.

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